What is Offline Time?

From 2013-2020, I had a perfectly curated digital life. I shared my life in the form of tiny boxes on Instagram, posting healthy recipes, clean living tips, yoga flows, and travel adventures. According to the New York Times, I was wellness culture.

And then, in 2020, it all fell apart. I was having anxiety attacks and paranoia, not to mention, I was incredibly isolated. My perfect Instagram life had left me feeling empty, burnt out, alone, and unhappy.

I walked away from #sponcon and returned to life as a ‘normal’ person (meaning, I went back to a 9-5 and stopped sharing every aspect of life online).

In 2021, I started this newsletter to share more about my experience.

  • Offline Time is a newsletter and podcast for anyone who’s ready to critically look at our digital lives.

  • It all started when I, an ex-influencer, walked away from my Instagram career and could no longer ignore the problems with our excessive online culture.

  • I used to identify as “extremely online”. I started this newsletter to find community and like-minded people who also want to live a life less online.

  • Offline Time is for people who think critically about their digital lives, both in how they generate and consume content. 

  • Offline Time is for anyone who has the desire to approach our digital world with more intention, clarity, and purpose.

  • Offline Time is a place to get inspired through community, awareness, and tiny, grounding, offline practices.

  • Offline Time is a newsletter for folks who are tired of the illusions of social media and want to spend less time online, yet still see its benefits and aren’t ready to be full-on Luddites

And it all comes from an ex- influencer’s perspective and lived experience.

About Me: 

I am a writer, blogger, speaker, and maker. I’ve been blogging since I was 18. You might have followed me since then (if so, hi; we’re celebrating 14 years together). My first blog was For the Love of Peanut Butter (2008-2009), followed by Lee From America (2013-2020), and now, Offline Time (2022-present).  

I was born and raised along the beaches of Connecticut, right outside NYC. What shapes me? My personal and shared experiences, my friends, my surroundings, books, elders, music, memories, smells, food, family, falling in love, farming, therapy, art, design, mountains, water. 

From 2016-2020, I was a full-time wellness influencer. In my heyday, I had 378K Instagram followers and lived 100% online. It was a really strange, difficult, and fascinating time of my life, and I explore part of that phase in this newsletter, too. 

I live in Brooklyn with my dog, Samson, where I enjoy biking, meandering through the local parks, volunteering at said parks, reading, cooking, and eating at all the delicious restaurants New York City has to offer.


Offline Time is 100% reader-supported. A large mission of this newsletter is to unite in our offline time, away from the algorithm lords, advertising, and affiliate marketing. If this speaks to you, please consider subscribing. 

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Where does the money go?

This pays my bills and allows me to keep this newsletter alive. I spend up to 30 hours per week upkeeping, editing, ideating, writing, and producing this endeavor.

I am not able to do Offline Time full-time (yet), but with the help of your paid contributions, you make this work worthwhile and keep it afloat. 

What is Dear Lee?

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This newsletter is copyedited by Margaret May.

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Words from an ex-influencer who critically gazes at our digital lives, recovering "extremely online" person


Lee Tilghman 

Ex-influencer who writes a newsletter that critically looks at our digital lives and encourages offline practice. Forthcoming memoir, Simon & Schuster, 2025