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Welcome to my newsletter! I’m the previous founder/writer/creator of Lee From America, a wellness blog and so much more, active from 2014-2020. Now, I share what I’m writing here, on this very newsletter!

Here, you will find ponderings on life: how I am taking in the world and what I’m thinking about. When I finished Lee From America, I thought I’d never write again. But, here we are. Sometimes, you just need a little time.

Free vs. Paid?

As you may have noticed, there are multiple “subscription” options. Free, paid, and founding member. My weekly newsletter is free, but paid subscribers get access to the Pet Hair group chat on Geneva, have comment rights, and get to feel good about supporting my work. We shall see.

For the first time ever, I’m offering paid access to my content. If you enjoy my work, I’d love it if you subscribed. And if you really love it, please consider a paid subscription to get access to the whole experience and become part of the community!

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